Christmas vacations are waited all year long to relax, enjoy and celebrate. What is more exciting, than venturing new avenues while celebrating the eternal joy and spirit of the Christmas! These vacations is the best time to pack the bags and travel afar to explore different cultures and customs of people living in different parts of the world. So, here are the reasons of why you should book a Christmas Tour package this season!

Festivities all around!

Festivals are a way to bond, share and enjoy. Christmas is the best time to explore local culture and festivities. What is more refreshing than witnessing smiling faces and charm of happiness all around? During festivals you have a great opportunity to learn in deep about the roots of the culture and customs followed by a particular community of the place. Though Christmas is observed almost everywhere in the world but every place has its own charm and traditions linked to the festival. Goa and Kerala are most visited states of India during Christmas season.

Mouthwatering food!

Yes, this is the time of cakes and cookies, but the color of local cuisine shines parallel during Christmas holidays. It’s the best time to add a kick to your taste buds. Research well while booking Christmas packages for you and your family, Check out what is on the menu before hitting a place. Whether it’s Goan Feni, Traditional Kerala Palappam or exotic cuisines of Nagaland, every mouthwatering delight is on the fash menu cards of the local restaurants and hotels. You can book cheapest Christmas packages in India but every night of stay in these packages offers a whole lot of lifetime memories.

Cozy yet comfortable weather!

December is considered as a comfortable month to travel, especially in India. And yes, you enjoy more when you feel comfortable. If you are for Christmas Vacation Package in down south India then the pleasant weather along the beaches will make you come back every year. You can travel light and enjoy the amusing and comfortable weather with fewer worries. You can roam around during nights and that too without wearing a load of clothing on you.

Sparkling sights and heartwarming welcome feel in the air!

What is more melodious then the soothing music of carols and prayers! What is more beautiful then well decorated Churches! During Christmas, lanes and lanes get decorated with colorful lights and other decorating items. The sight itself fills the heart with contentment and joy. You may attend whole night parties organized on various beaches. You can also go on cruises especially organized for during these vacations. Choose an Island like Diu to appreciate the magnificence of centuries old churches and fine dining of Portuguese cuisines. Vacations are the best way to renew every sense in our body and mind. So, in all, choose the best Christmas holiday package. Pack your bags, make lists of “To Do” and “To-Shop” things and head out towards the best of locations to enjoy the most during these Christmas Holidays.