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Goa is an ideal blend of Indian and Portuguese culture which is known for much more than parties and beaches. The laid back tropical vibe and the vibrant locals make Goa an ideal destination to unwind and relax. Considered as a favorite amongst the party lovers, Goa has become popular for the parties and the colorful nightlife. Goa, the land of beaches is the smallest state in India and the biggest tourist destination in the country. With more than 40 beaches in Goa, few are highly frequented by travelers while many are virgin. Located on the Western Coast of the Indian Peninsula, Goa has various sightseeing options as well as adventure activities. There is something for every type of traveler in Goa. With the various options for adventure activities, you will never get bored.

Goa offers an easy mode of transportation with the rental of bikes and cars. You can explore every corner of Goa on your own. There are wide options for accommodation which range from affordable and budget friendly hotels to luxury resorts. Apart from the beaches, there are various sightseeing locations which include Fort Aguada, Dudhsagar Falls and the ancient churches. Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa. South Goa has quiet beaches and luxury resorts with a happening night life. While the beaches in North Goa are highly populated due to the affordable accommodation options. Goa is a blend of culture and history. You can explore the museums and the historic sites which reflect the history as well as the architecture of an ancient period.

Goa is easy to reach via air, rail and road. Regular carriers fly from Goa to various destinations across the World. It also has efficient rail connectivity and two railheads which offer quick and convenient mode of transport. There are various intercity and intra city buses plying to Goa from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Goa is also a shopper’s paradise, with the various flea markets that are an experience in itself. The vibrant and colorful markets offer everything from handicrafts to knick knacks. Your trip to Goa is incomplete without the authentic Goan cuisine. Goan cuisine is relished across the World and has a different and unique taste. Dominated by curries, cashew, fish and pork, Goan cuisine is served at various restaurants and is simply delicious.

With a pleasant weather in winters, Goa is a favorite tourist destination from October to March. Tourists love hanging by the beach in the peace and quiet. For those who love to party every night, Goa is a heaven for you. There are various options to choose from when it comes to music, party and drinks. Baga Beach is a famous destination for the nightlife. If you are someone looking for peace and tranquility, head to a quiet beach away from all the noise. With the number of beaches in Goa, one trip is never enough!


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Why is a Relationship with DMC’s So Important for Every Travel Agent?


It is well known that building relationships in business is one of the most crucial steps towards the success. But why is it even more important in the travel industry and how can that relationship help you look like an expert in everything you sell? We took some time to think about this topic in order to emphasize the importance of this relationship for both DMCs and you as travel professionals.
These are 6 main reasons why you should work on a relationship with DMCs:

1) DMCs can get you products that cannot be found online

The business environment changed dramatically over the past couple years and offering something that cannot be found online is giving you a competitive advantage as you are adding that extra value to your clients. It is less important if you escort groups or sending individual clients on FIT basis, it is always important that you can offer that extra value that they cannot find anywhere else. If you know a lot about your clients, share as much information with your local DMC so they can adapt the package to their liking, this way it you will save on time for additional revisions.

2) You have the clients and they have the knowledge, work together as a team to increase your profits

Make sure that you work with DMCs and travel companies who are exclusive to travel agents and only work as a supplier. This way you will protect yourself from losing that client in the future as they will never contact your clients with any promotions. Ask them directly and make sure they confirm this because this is the relationship you want to invest your time into. This way you are sure that combining interests of both of your companies will build into a great future cooperation build on trust and common interests. DMC who is exclusive to travel agents needs you just as much as you need them because you have the clients and they have the local knowledge and together you make a great team.

3) DMCs will make you look like local experts

Having a great relationship with DMCs will only make you look good in front of your clients. More you book with one DMC they will care more about your clients and will more often have the reason to give free upgrades for your clients in form of room upgrades, free excursions etc. Try using one DMC per destination to give yourself credit for future bookings.

4) Ask for help in promotion and learn about the destinations

It is hard to travel to each destination you are sending your clients too but that is a reason why you have your DMCs who can help you promote and sell the destination even if you have never been there. Most of the DMC are willing to teach and train partners to learn more about the destination and their product and with technology that we have today this can be done in form of webinars and e-learning courses. Talk to your DMC and ask what help can you get in order to feel confident when selling the destination.

5) Ask for access to pictures, videos and other promotional materials to maximize your marketing efforts

Yes, most DMC have all this and you can use it free of charge. Our DMC, for example, has over 5000 thousand photos, flyer templates, videos and other promotional materials for agents but very little percentage of agents are using it. Maybe they don’t know about it or never thought about it, but it is here and available. Ask for as much staff as you can because DMCs will do everything to make your marketing easy in order to sell their product.

6) Feel safe while your passengers travel

All DMCs have local offices at the destination. Become friends not only with upper management but also with people who work directly with your travelers on the ground and other agency members. This will help you be up to date with clients travel and they will always keep you updated on how is theri trip going. If they know you and you have good relationships with them, they will probably go out of ther way if needed to please your clients. This is very important, so work on that relationship and you will see the differenc.

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