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In the mid-nineteenth century, Dalhousie ascended in the second string of slope stations that the British inherent the area.

Its area, at the western edge of the Dhauladhar mountains – which are a sub-arrangement of the Himalaya – gave it a directing position disregarding the fields of the Punjab.

As the town developed, expectedly, it turned into a prevalent summer retreat for some groups of the Punjab who favored its simple way of life and loose feel to the self important social partitions of Shimla.

Authorities and business families from Lahore, Europeans and a couple of Indians, would go up for the late spring months – and two or three Dalhousieâs families do a reversal to the townâs early days. With its ” old world appeal ” and waiting echoes of the Raj, the town covers a region of around seventeen square kilometers.

Today’s Dalhousie is still a significant calm town and holds huge regular magnificence where the thick woods are confined by eminent snowpeaks.

There is pilgrim design and an assortment of touring and some astounding strolls.

The town swings around the slopes fairly like a courageous figure of eight; it additionally letâs fly a couple of appendages high and low.



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